No-Knead Dinner Rolls

"These are the best dinner rolls ever! Soft, fluffy and perfect for your holiday table. This is an easy no knead yeast dough that then gets shaped into the most amazing yeasted bread rolls. This dinner roll recipe can also be made and shaped the day before and refrigerated overnight so you can bake these no yeast dinner rolls the next day!" 

- Boston Girl Bakes

key ingredient

Active  Dry Yeast


– Whole Milk you could also use 2%, but whole is best – Sugar divided – unsalted Butter – Salt – Active Dry Yeast  – Warm Water (105-110oF/40-43oC) – All-Purpose Flour – large Eggs

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No-Knead  Dinner Rolls


24 Rolls



total time

2 Hours 33 Minutes

prep time

40 Minutes

1. Combine milk, 1/2 cup (99 grams) sugar, butter and salt in a medium saucepan. Heat over medium heat until butter melts. Remove from heat and allow to cool until lukewarm. (This step is important because if the mixture is too hot, it will kill the yeast.)


2. While the milk mixture is cooling, dissolve the yeast and 1 tablespoon of sugar in the warm water (105-110oF/40-43oC). Let stand about 10 minutes. (after the 10 minutes, the yeast should be very bubbly and foamy)


3. In a large mixing bowl, combine 3 cups flour and milk mixture. Beat on low for 30 seconds, scraping sides of bowl. Add yeast mixture and beat on high for 3 minutes. Add in beaten eggs. Then stir in remaining 5 cups of flour to make a soft dough.


4. *NOTE- The dough will be very soft and coming away from the sides of the bowl, but it will still be quite sticky. Don’t worry about this. It will firm up a little during the rising process*


5. Place the bowl in a warm place (I aim for about 75°F) and cover with a clean kitchen towel. Allow to rise for 1 hour.


6. With a floured hand, I punch down dough, and turn dough onto a lightly floured clean surface. Divide in half. Spray two 9×13 glass pans with cooking spray or grease with butter.


7. With a lightly floured rolling pin, roll first portion of dough into a rectangle and then cut into 12 equal-sized pieces. To shape the rolls, I dust my hands with flour (again the dough can be sticky!) and bring up the edges into the center and pinch them together. And then turn it over, and roll into a ball on the counter. To roll them, I make a claw with my hand, and roll the ball around underneath my hand. Repeat with remaining dough in the second pan.


8. Cover pans with clean kitchen towels, and let rise 30-45 minutes. They are ready to be baked when you can make an indent with your finger into a roll, and the indent slowly rises back out (if it bounces back quickly it needs more time, if it stays indented it's likely overproofed so be sure to bake immediately).


9. Preheat oven to 375oF/190oC degrees. Bake for 15-18 minutes or until golden-brown.


10. When done baking, remove rolls from oven and then rub a stick of cold butter all over the tops!


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