How To Make Black Buttercream Frosting

Learn how to make black icing the easy way with this quick and easy tutorial! Then top some cupcakes for a fun spooky Halloween treat!"

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Black  Food Coloring

key ingredient


– unsalted butter – confectioners sugar – heavy cream – vanilla extract – table salt – cocoa powder *please see notes when visiting my site – black food coloring

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How To Make  Black Icing


2 Cups



total time

15 Minutes

prep time

15 Minutes

1. Combine the butter and confectioners sugar in the bowl of your stand mixer.


2. Mix on low speed at first, then increase the speed until combined.


3. Add in your heavy cream and vanilla extract, and mix on medium to high speed for 8 minutes until light and creamy. Add the pinch of salt.


4. Add in the cocoa powder and beat to combine.


5. Add a few drops of the black food coloring and beat to combine. If it's not dark enough, add a few more. The color will intensify as it sits, so if it's still not dark enough let it sit and then try adding more if need be.


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