25+ Strawberry Dessert Recipes

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When strawberries are in season, then be sure to whip up one of these easy strawberry dessert recipes! From cakes, to cupcakes, cobblers, cookies and more!

slice of strawberry pound cake on a plate


When it comes to summer, I don’t think anything beats baking with fresh strawberries. And that’s probably clear when you see that I have over 25 strawberry dessert recipes here on the blog.

Whether it’s stirring some strawberries into cookie dough, a cake batter, or spooning into a cobbler I basically love finding new ways to bake with strawberries!

So if you need an easy strawberry dessert for your next summer party or barbeque, then one of these strawberry dessert recipes is sure to be it!

Strawberry Lemonade Cookies
Made with soft, fluffy homemade lemon cookies and topped with sweet strawberry frosting. These strawberry lemonade cookies are a perfect summer cookie treat!
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Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies
These strawberry cheesecake cookies are soft, chewy cookies made with fresh strawberries, white chocolate chips, and filled with a cheesecake filling.
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Strawberry Poke Cake
A homemade vanilla sheet cake that after baking gets poked with holes and some strawberry Jell-O poured over it. Then top it with buttercream icing and fresh strawberries, and you’re good to go! This cake takes about 15 minutes to mix up!
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Strawberry Cobbler
This easy strawberry cobbler recipe is mixes up quickly making for an easy summertime dessert! The buttery, cakey topping pairs wonderfully with the sweet fresh strawberries. Top with vanilla ice cream for a fresh dessert!
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Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies
These sweet, chewy strawberry cookies with white chocolate chips are a fun, easy one bowl cookie recipe to bake. The dough is made in minutes, and no eggs are required!
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Strawberry Pound Cake
This strawberry pound cake recipe from scratch is the perfect spring dessert. With fresh strawberries folded into the sour cream pound cake and topped with a strawberry cream cheese glaze, it’s bound to be a hit at your next party!
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Baked Strawberry Donuts
These baked strawberry donuts, made with fresh strawberries, come together quickly and ready to baked in no time. After baking, they are topped with a sweet strawberry glaze.
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Fresh Strawberry Quick Bread Recipe
This delicious strawberry bread takes about 15 minutes of prep time. Made with diced strawberries for the best strawberry flavor. The bread batter is made with just a spatula and whisk. No mixer is needed!
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Strawberry Cheesecake
The sweet strawberry topping, creamy cream cheese filling, and slightly crispy crust make this strawberry cheesecake perfect for celebrations and everyday desserts. Prepare it ahead and enjoy a slice of cheesecake with strawberry sauce to satisfy your cravings throughout the week.
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Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp
When rhubarb is in season, make sure to snag some and whip up this easy strawberry rhubarb crisp recipe. Fresh strawberries, tart rhubarb pair wonderfully together under an almond oatmeal crisp topping. This strawberry rhubarb crisp takes only about 15 minutes to prep before baking!
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plate of strawberry rhubarb crisp topped with icecream
Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting
This strawberry cream cheese frosting is perfectly creamy and fluffy and loaded with strawberry flavor! I’ll show you the trick to how to achieve the perfect consistency for this frosting recipe. This homemade strawberry cream cheese frosting recipe takes only a few minutes to mix up and just a few simple ingredients!
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Strawberry Layer Cake
This strawberry layer cake is made with fresh strawberries, and frosted with a strawberry cream cheese frosting. A perfect cake for Spring! I have step by step instructions for you on how to make this fresh strawberry cake recipe.
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Berry Chantilly Cake
This berry Chantilly cake is what dreams are made of friend! A moist, fluffy white cake gets layered with raspberry jam, fresh berries, and lighter than air Chantilly frosting made with mascarpone cheese. Although very impressive, it’s easier than you think to make!
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Strawberry Topping For Cheesecake
This strawberry topping for your cheesecake couldn’t be simpler and is made on the stovetop. Made with just a few simple ingredients, in about 20 minutes this strawberry sauce is perfect for spooning over a big slice of cheesecake.
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Strawberry Shortcake
Homemade buttermilk sweet biscuits gets topped with fresh strawberries and easy 3-ingredient whipped cream for the perfect summer dessert! And this dessert is ready in 30 minutes or less!
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Strawberry Shortcake With Sourdough Biscuits
If you have a jar of sourdough discard sitting in your fridge this is the recipe to get it out for and use it up! These sourdough biscuits are buttery and light and get turned into a strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream.
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Strawberry Chocolate Chip Muffins
These strawberry chocolate chip muffins are simple to mix up, and sweet breakfast treat your whole family will love.
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Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes
Valentine’s Day calls for a special flavor combination – like with these chocolate strawberry cupcakes. Moist, easy to make chocolate cupcakes topped with a creamy strawberry buttercream frosting. Top with chocolate covered strawberries for a perfect garnish!
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Strawberry Buttercream Frosting
Making strawberry buttercream frosting can tricky to make. You want all the flavor but achieving that can mean a runny consistency, but I’ve figured out the key to a perfect strawberry buttercream! Keep reading…
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Strawberry Streusel Muffins
When strawberries are in season I love finding all sorts of ways to bake with them. Like these strawberry buttermilk muffins! They are moist and bursting with flavor! This strawberry muffin recipe is quick to throw together too and have a brown sugar streusel topping making them the perfect summer breakfast treat.
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Strawberry Rhubarb Bars
These strawberry rhubarb bars is super easy to throw together! It can all be made in one bowl and you don’t need to use your mixer.
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strawberry rhubarb bars
Strawberry Scones
A buttermilk scone with fresh strawberries and an orange icing! These strawberry scones is ready in less than an hour and can be made with fresh or frozen strawberries for a quick brunch treat!
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strawberry orange buttermilk scones
Strawberry Pie
Whether you use strawberries when they are in season or frozen make a pie that really highlights all their wonderfulness. This baked strawberry pie is topped with a beautiful lattice pie crust. I have some tips for making pie dough and step by step instructions if you have never made a lattice crust!
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Whole Wheat Strawberry Buttermilk Pancakes
Buttermilk pancakes lightened up with strawberries, egg whites, greek yogurt, and whole wheat flour. A guilt free way to start your morning!
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stack of strawberry pancakes with maple syrup poured over them
Easy Fresh Strawberry Mousse (No Eggs Required!)
An easy fresh strawberry mousse made with gelatin so there is no tempering of eggs. And no need to turn the oven on for this quick and simple impressive dessert. With less than 30 minutes of active time on your part, you can will have whipped up a fresh strawberry mousse!
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Strawberry Mousse
Easy Mixed Berry Cobbler
A quick and easy mixed berry cobbler with fresh strawberries and raspberries! This dessert is so simple to throw together and topped with ice-cream it’s out of this world. You don’t even need to break out your mixer for this homey classic.
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strawberry raspberry cobbler


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