How To Make Decorative Pie Crust Edges

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Using just some basic kitchen tools learn 4 easy ways to make decorative pie crust edges! No crimping needed!
Pie crust with 4 different pie crust edges

When it comes to making pies, the pie crust edge can be a bit intimidating. Especially since that’s the part everyone will see! But you don’t have to crimp your pie edge for your pie crust edge to be beautiful.

 If crimping a pie crust has you running scared, then these 4 methods are exactly what you are looking for. They are easy peasy and you will have a beautiful pie no time.

4 Ways To Make Decorative Pie Crust Edges

Listed below are 4 different ways to make pie crust edges if you don’t want to crimp!

Decorative Pie Crust Edge Idea #1: Use a fork Pie crust edge made with a fork

Use your fork to create a simple yet beautifully decorated crimped crust.  Press lightly down on the crust to press the tines into the crust.

You could also criss-cross the Fork For a second option!

Decorative Pie Crust Edge Idea #2: Use a pair of scissors.

Pie Crust Edge made with Scissors

 Fold under any pie crust dough before you begin. Then using a pair of scissors make a series of
small diagonal cuts along the crust. Fold back every other cut.

Decorative Pie Crust Edge Idea #3:  Use small cookie cutters

Pie dough cut out with leaf cookie cutter
Collect those pie scraps from rolling out your pie dough,and then use them to cut out pretty shapes for your border.

Use small (1 to 1 1/2 inch) cookie cutters to cut out shapes for your border. Use a little bit of water to adhere them.

Decorative Pie Crust Edge Idea #4: Use A Spoon

Pie crust edge crimped with a spoon

Press a spoon into the edge of the crust. Remove the crust between each spoon indent. You can make a second  indent for a pretty border!

And there you go! 4 easy ways to decorate your pie crust edges! 

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