Ultimate Resource Guide To Baking Layer Cakes

This page is dedicated to the tools and resources I own and use to bake and decorate beautiful layer cakes for my friends and family! 

Ultimate Resource Guide To Baking With Layer Cakes

Before we dive in, I want to just share this important disclosure: This page does contain affiliate links. And I do recieve a commission if you click on a link and make a purchase. But that does not mean you pay a cent extra! All of the products listed are products that I own and use myself in my kitchen and I would not recommend otherwise!

When it comes to baking and decorating layer cakes from scratch it’s all about having the right tools. I have bought many over the years so this page is all about the tools that I actually own and use.

But making layer cakes isn’t just about tools it’s also about educating yourself. So I have included the best books and classes that I have taken that I recommend for you to learn how to bake your own beautiful layer cakes at home.

My Must Have Cake Pans:

To make layer cakes I like to have a range of sizes. I think the must haves are the 8-inch and 9-inch. And then once you have those you can branch out to more of the pans listed below! My favorite cake pan brands are: Wilton and Fat Daddio’s.

No matter which ones you get, make sure they are durable aluminum and light colored.

Cake Baking Accessories

These tools listed will help me get the cake baked in no time and help make the whole job easier! For lining the pan, I have listed below pre-cut parchment circles that are great to use or I will make my own and prepare my cake pan in 4 easy steps.

I also love using Baker’s Joy. And it has become my favorite way to grease my pans ever since! Of course I couldn’t live without my Kitchen-aid mixer. For making the cake, I highly recommend stainless steel mixing bowls. They are better for temperature regulation and can be fully cleaned. Whatever you do, avoid plastic bowls which can retain odors over time and prevent egg whites from whipping properly.

And for mixing I recommend silicone spatulas that are solid silicone so the handle won’t break or collect mold on the inside. To bake flat layers, Wilton cake strips are a great and easy tool to use.

Of course last but not least, I need a cake tester to test my cakes before taking them out of the oven. And a quality cooling rack to cool them on. A good pastry brush can be key if your cakes call for a simple syrup.

Cake Decorating Tools:

If you get into cake decorating there are many tools out there to create all sorts of beautiful cakes. These tools are the basic cake decorating tools I use to frost and decorate a simple layer cake. I love my revolving cake stand to make frosting a cake much easier. My favorite cake stand is this one from Atecco.

To present and frost the cakes sturdy cake boards to put the cakes on is a must. Once the cake is ready to frost, I like to use  a large offset spatula to apply the frosting, and a bench scraper to then smooth the edges with. To then ice the cake and decorate, I use disposable icing bags and different icing tips. To make small details, these smaller tips in this Wilton set is what I use. For large swirls I use these larger icing tips. For fun easy flowers, I love using my Russian piping tips. You can watch a video and read how to use the Russian flower piping tips here.

There are definitely lots of tools out there that you can buy and use! One of the best ways to get started is to invest in a cake decorating kit that has many of the tools already, which will be a great deal.

If you want

Ultimate Resource Guide To Baking Layer Cakes

Books and Classes

My favorite cake baking cookbooks:

My favorite cake decorating books: