50 Halloween Cupcake Ideas

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 If you’re lookin for a cute Halloween cupcake idea, look no further! I have over 50 cute Halloween cupcakes to check out and make this holiday.

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When it comes to Halloween is there any cuter way to celebrate then decorating some seriously cute cupcakes? Sure you could just celebrate with a big old boring bowl of candy. But I think it’s a perfect holiday to bust out those piping bags and pastry tips and have a little spooky fun.

Maybe after decorating cupcakes, watch Hocus Pocus, and then dive into that big bowl of candy. Does anyone else watch that movie practically on repeat in the month of October? Orrrrrr is that just me? Please say it isn’t just me.

So to celebrate Halloween this year (besides watching Hocus Pocus for the upteenth time) I bring you a whole lot of wonderfully cute Halloween cupcakes from around the internet!

I smell children… err. I mean cupcakes 😉 (Hocus Pocus fans you get it).

How To Make Spiderweb Cupcakes (+ video!)
These easy chocolate cupcakes with black buttercream and topped with a white chocolate spiderweb!
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spiderweb cupcakes
How To Make 3 Easy Halloween Cupcakes
Make one of these easy three Halloween cupcakes!
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Spider Cupcakes for Halloween – Texanerin Baking
These spider cupcakes are easy to make with a chocolate cupcake base and cream cheese frosting
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Photo credit: www.texanerin.com
Monster Cupcakes
These monster cupcakes are great for spooky get-togethers or even for monster-themed birthday parties. Simply bake, pipe, and decorate with pantry staple ingredients (and candy eyeballs!).
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Photo credit: amandascookin.com
Gluten Free Halloween Ghost Cupcakes
Sweet and spooky Gluten Free Ghost Cupcakes for Halloween! These cupcakes are simple and easy to make with ingredients you already have in your pantry!
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Photo credit: www.whattheforkfoodblog.com
Easy Halloween Cupcakes Look Like A Witches Cauldron!

Just in time for Halloween, kids can make these easy chocolate Halloween Cupcakes that look like a bubbling cauldron of witches brew! Simple decorations turn your favorite devil’s food cake mix or gluten free cupcake recipe into a fun spooky treat for every little witch, ghoul, or goblin that starts.

Check out this recipe
Photo credit: cupcakesandkalechips.com
Eyeball Cupcakes for Halloween
These Eyeball Cupcakes for Halloween have a delicious and moist chocolate base, cream cheese frosting and eyeballs that consist of canned lychees, blueberries and strawberry jam “blood.” Can be made gluten-free.
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Photo credit: fooddoodles.com
Easy Swirled Halloween Cupcakes
If you're looking for a fun and festive Halloween treat these easy swirled Halloween cupcakes are perfect! Tall swirls of orange, green, and purple frosting make them a real eye-catcher. They're simple to make and deliciously moist, and the colorful swirls will add some spooky fun to your party.
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Photo credit: saltandspoon.co
Vampire Cupcakes
These adorable Vampire Cupcakes are easy to make and decorate – a fun treat for classroom Halloween parties!
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Photo credit: www.frugalmomeh.com
Deliciously Spooky Spider Web Cupcakes
These Halloween Spider Web Cupcakes are the perfect spooky treats to serve for the holiday! Perfect Halloween party ideas for kids!
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Photo credit: dancingthroughtherain.com
Witch Hat Cupcakes
No need to break out the fondant because these witch hats are pure frosting goodness! Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party for the kids or just throwing it down at the office potluck, these cupcakes are sure to delight ghouls both big and small! And with the help of some store-bought frosting and cupcakes, they come together in just 30 minutes.
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Photo credit: thesimple-sweetlife.com
EASY Bloody Halloween Cupcakes
Bloody Halloween cupcakes are the ultimate scary and fun Halloween party dessert that are moist, fluffy, and also taste just amazing! Besides their fun design with the edible broken glass and fake blood, they have a super delicious strawberry cheesecake flavor due to the cream cheese frosting and strawberry sauce added as decoration.
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Photo credit: www.spatuladesserts.com
Halloween Slime Cupcakes
These Slime Cupcakes are wiggly, jiggly, silly, and spooky! The jello slime monster topper makes these unique cupcakes perfect for Halloween!
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Photo credit: thesoccermomblog.com
Mummy Cupcakes for Halloween
Mummy cupcakes are a cute and easy treat for Halloween! Plus, they're egg-free and easy to make dairy free for allergy sensitive kids.
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Photo credit: www.dessertfortwo.com
Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes • FoodnService
Want to make the CUTEST Monster Cupcakes for Halloween? Even the spooky eyes look pretty cute on these adorable Halloween treats!
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Photo credit: foodnservice.com
Moist and Delicious Pumpkin Cupcakes with Candy Cane Buttercream
These perfectly moist, tender and spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes with a Halloween festive Candy Corn frosting will definitely get you in the fall baking mood!
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Photo credit: grandbaby-cakes.com
Vegan Halloween Cupcakes
Delicious fluffy dark chocolate vegan Halloween cupcakes with a homemade blackberry coulis filling and eggless Swiss meringue buttercream frosting. Topped with chocolate skulls, these spooky vegan cupcakes are perfect for Halloween.
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Photo credit: addictedtodates.com
Spooky Devil’s Horn Cupcake Recipe
Add a delightful taste of evil with this adorable and perfectly spooky spin on the classic devil’s food cake! These devil cupcakes make for an excellent thematic snack, dessert or Halloween party cupcake recipe that will spark some evil this season.
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Photo credit: uniquegifter.com
Michael Myer’s Pumpkin Cupcakes (Halloween Movie Inspired Recipe!)
A pumpkin spice cupcake, stuffed with caramel, topped with a vanilla butter, and Michael's signature weapon.
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Photo credit: cheesecurdinparadise.com
Bleeding Black Cupcakes – Halloween Cupcakes
These Bleeding Black Cupcakes are delicious, black chocolate cupcakes filled with a rose flavored white chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate buttercream, tinted black. They are so much fun to make and eat!
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Photo credit: www.theflavorbender.com
Red Velvet Halloween Cupcakes
These red velvet Halloween cupcakes boast a flavourful, tender sponge, a smooth and delicious cream cheese frosting and a gorily good blood red syrup.
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Photo credit: www.amummytoo.co.uk
Hocus Pocus Cupcakes
Looking for a scary fun Halloween Treat? Check out my Hocus Pocus Cupcakes filled with ghosts, bats, and eyeballs then topped with neon green buttercream.
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Photo credit: www.hezzi-dsbooksandcooks.com
Easy Halloween Cupcakes
Here is a spooky treat that is easy to make for Halloween! These chocolate cupcakes are decorated to look like ghosts, skeletons and spider webs. You can use boxed cake mix or make your Halloween cupcakes from scratch. They are so fun and will definitely be a hit at your party!
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Photo credit: www.ifyougiveablondeakitchen.com
Easy Wicked Witch Cupcakes
Easy Wicked Witch Cupcakes – These Halloween witch cupcakes are so easy to create. They look so professional yet they go together quickly with a few simple hacks!
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Photo credit: bitzngiggles.com
Mutilated Zombie Cupcakes with Edible Glass Shards
Red velvet cupcakes are dressed up like zombies with some fun tricks!
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Photo credit: boulderlocavore.com
Ghost Cupcakes
These ghost cupcakes are a fun and spooky treat that the whole family will love. Your choice of cupcakes are topped with adorable ghost toppers that are created from fondant and lollipops. Delicious and festive, they’ll be perfect for all of your Halloween events and parties.
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Photo credit: balancingmotherhood.com
Brownie Bottom Halloween Cupcakes
Brownie Bottom Halloween Cupcakes have a layer of dark chocolate brownie topped with orange cake batter and finished off with buttercream and sprinkles. They are the perfect mix of semi-homemade and “from scratch” to be easy but really fun and festive for your next Halloween party!
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Photo credit: www.persnicketyplates.com
Maple Mummy Cupcake Cones

These Maple Mummy Cupcakes Cones have a maple yellow cake mix baked in ice cream cones and decorated like mummies.

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Photo credit: www.sweetrecipeas.com
Halloween Witch Hat Cupcakes
Witch Hat Cupcakes are adorable, easy, and made with only 5 simple ingredients! They make the perfect Halloween treats and your kids can easily help assemble them!
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Photo credit: kathrynskitchenblog.com
Candy Corn Cupcakes
Candy Corn Cupcakes – Yellow and orange layered cupcakes reminiscent of classic candy corn! They’re perfect for fall and Halloween parties!
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Photo credit: bitzngiggles.com
Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes (With Black and Orange Cake)
If you’re craving a sweet treat that embodies the essence of fall, look no further. In this article, we’ll delve into the delightful realm of pumpkin-themed cupcakes, where moist orange and black cake meets creamy, dreamy frosting. These pumpkin-themed cupcakes are perfect for kids to help decorate and enjoy.
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Photo credit: mamasbuzz.com
Easy Black Cat Cupcakes
These Black Cat Cupcakes are a rich, chocolaty Halloween treat that’s perfect for parties! Kids will have a blast helping you make each cat face using edible decorations!
Check out this recipe
Photo credit: www.sugarandsoul.co
Halloween Skeleton Cupcakes
Halloween Skeleton Cupcakes are made with from-scratch chocolate cupcakes, chocolate frosting, white chocolate-covered pretzels, and fluffy marshmallows!
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Photo credit: www.sugarandsoul.co
Halloween Jack o’Lantern Bucket Cupcakes
These Halloween Jack o'lantern Cupcakes are cute little jack o'lantern buckets filled with chocolate cupcakes that are filled with candies and topped with even more candies. As a kid, I dreamed of candy. Childhood dreams really do come true…
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Photo credit: foodmeanderings.com
Halloween Bloody Bone Cupcakes Recipe
If you like all the bloody and gory things about the season then this Halloween Bloody Bone Cupcakes recipe is just what you need to add to your creepy halloween treats.
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Photo credit: ottawamommyclub.ca
Pumpkin Patch Cupcake Recipe
Halloween is such a fun time of year with all of the costumes, decorations and goodies to be enjoyed! If you are looking to add something sweet to the holiday offerings without bringing any extra spook to the table, you are going to love this pumpkin patch cupcake recipe! These chocolate Halloween cupcakes are easy to make and so delicious!
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Photo credit: ottawamommyclub.ca
Ghost Hi Hat Cupcakes
Hi-Hat Ghost Cupcakes are a spooktacular Halloween dessert sure to make all your little ghosts and goblins scream this Halloween!
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Photo credit: lifewiththecrustcutoff.com
Spider Halloween Cupcakes
This Spider Halloween Cupcakes recipe is an easy, spooky cake decoration idea that your kids will love to help you make for Halloween! All you need is baked chocolate cupcakes, black and white frosting, and some fun toy spider rings.
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Photo credit: tastesbetterfromscratch.com
Bake Up Crazy Creature Fun With This Monster Cupcakes Recipe
This monster cupcakes recipe is the perfect crazy creature fun to bake and decorate with your kids. Here’s how to make them!
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Photo credit: twokidsandacoupon.com
Cute Halloween Treats – Owl Cupcakes
We do love easy crafts for kids… we also love to bake! So… we have gotten a little carried awar recently with all the Frankensteins, Zombies and Monsters.. so how about some cute Halloween treats with these Girly OWLS?
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Photo credit: lifeatthezoo.com
Jack-O-Lantern Cupcakes
Jack-O-Lantern vanilla cupcakes studded with chocolate chips. Happy Halloween!
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Photo credit: www.lifesambrosia.com
Spooky Red Velvet Cupcakes
Make these red velvet cupcakes with pipettes of "blood" for a spooky treat!
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Photo credit: herbivorecucina.com
Halloween Treats – Easy Spider Cupcakes
Make these easy to decorate spider cupcakes made with licorcice wands!
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Photo credit: lifeatthezoo.com
High Hat Cupcakes
Chocolate cupcakes are a year-round treat, but add some marshmallow "spider webs" and you've got a spooky Halloween treat! Over the top in the best way, these High Hat Cupcakes need to be on your baking list!
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Photo credit: livetosweet.com
Easy Halloween Ghost Cupcakes
Easy Halloween Ghost Cupcakes are delicious, chocolate flavoured cupcakes with a hint of coffee, topped with chocolate spread and a white chocolate ghost topper. Easy enough for kids to make with a little adult help.
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Photo credit: www.fabfood4all.co.uk
Easy Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe with Vanilla Buttercream
Easy chocolate cupcakes with fluffy orange and vanilla buttercream and candy corns for an easy decoration!
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Photo credit: www.savingdessert.com
Black Cat Cupcakes
These cute cat cupcakes are every bit the cat's pajamas! With Oreo ears and a rich chocolate buttercream frosting, these sweet Halloween cupcakes are every bit as adorable as they are delicious.
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Photo credit: thesimple-sweetlife.com
Halloween Chocolate Halloween Spider Cupcakes
These Halloween Spider Cupcakes are perfect for kicking off the best time of year. Let's celebrate with these chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate ganache and the simplest of spider webs and a cute little candy spider. Now that's how to celebrate Halloween!
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Photo credit: kickassbaker.com
Halloween Mummy Cupcakes
These adorable Halloween mummy cupcakes are fun and delicious bake for kids and adults alike! They are made with soft, moist and squishy chocolate cupcakes and a royal icing topping, piped in such way to make them look like cute and not-so-scary mummies.
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Photo credit: annabanana.co
Bloody Eyeball Cupcakes Recipe
These spooky, bloody eyeball cupcakes are perfect for your next Halloween party! These easy to make ghoulish goodies can be ready in no time!
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Photo credit: www.lifeloveliz.com

Cupcake Tutorials To Check Out

If you’re new to making cupcakes and need a little help, here are a few tutorials for you!

How To Make Halloween Cupcakes

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  • For the cupcakes
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1-3/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 cup HERSHEY’S Cocoa
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1 teaspoon espresso powder instant espresso
  • For the frosting
  • 5 sticks unsalted butter 1 1/2 cups, softened to room temperature
  • 5 cups confectioners sugar
  • 4 Tablespoons heavy cream
  • 4 teaspoons vanilla extract

Additional frosting ingredients

For decorating

  • Miniature chocolate chips
  • Regular semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • White Chocolate Chips
  • Chocolate Sprinkles
  • Crushed Oreo cookies
  • Red Coloring Gel
  • Edible Marker
  • Milano Cookies


  • 1. Heat oven to 400°F. Prepare two muffin pans with cupcake liners.
  • 2. Stir together sugar, flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda and salt in large bowl. Add eggs, milk, oil, vanilla extract beat on medium speed of mixer 2 minutes. In a measuring cup microwave 1 cup of water (or heat on stovetop). Stir in instant espresso. Add boiling water to batter. Stir to combine. (batter will be thin) to the cake batter. Fill each cupcake well about 3/4 cup full of batter.
  • 3. Bake for 5 minutes, then reduce oven heat to 350 for an additional 17 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean, rotating pans halfway through baking. Remove cupcakes from pans and allow to cool on a wire rack. Cool completely. Repeat with the additional cupcake batter (about 6 additional cupcakes)
  • 4. For the frosting combine the butter and powdered sugar and mix on low, then increase the speed for 2-3 minutes until light and fluffy. Add in your vanilla extract, and heavy cream. Beat on medium-high for 8 minutes. For the cupcakes, divide your frosting into 3 bowls. Leave one plain vanilla. To the second bowl, add green food coloring until desired color is reached. To the third bowl, add 1/2 cup cocoa powder. Mix to combine.
  • 5. To decorate the Ghost Cupcake: Use a round tip and pipe a swirl of frosting on top. Use 3 miniature chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth. To decorate the Tombstone cupcake: use a spatula to spread some frosting on top. Dip the top of each cupcake into crushed oreo cookies. Using an edible marker, write RIP onto a Milano cookie and place into the center of each cupcake. For the Frankenstein cupcake: spread some green frosting on top of a cupcake. you want a good tall amount of frosting on these. Then flatten the top and round the edges. Dip the top in chocolate sprinkles. Use a white chocolate chip for the eyes. Draw the eyeballs on with an edible marker. You could also use candy eyes. Place a chocolate sprinkle on for the mouth. Place two chocolate chips on