2020 Ultimate Baker’s Gift Guide

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Looking for gift ideas for the baker in your life? Look no further. This Ultimate Baker’s gift guide will help you find the perfect gift that any baker would love to get. 

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Anyone else doing all their gift shopping on line this year? Yup. Me too. Ok but that’s not a 2020 thing for me I did all mine last year online too. 

Because why not? Thank you Amazon Prime guy – you save my Christmas every year. So why would this year be different? So if you are doing some online shopping this year and looking for some really great gifts for the baker in your life I got you. 

I made this epic list of gift ideas and I even broke it down by category. So whether your baker is a beginner, advanced, loves sourdough, a young baker, or into decorating cakes – I got a gift for them. 

Ultimate Baker’s Gift Guide 

Here is what I’ve included in this gift guide:

  • Baking Basics For The Beginner Baker
  • Gifts For The Serious Baker
  • Gifts For The Serious Baker
  • Kid’s Baking Gifts
  • Baking Cookbooks
  • Cake Decorating Gifts
  • Sourdough Bread Baking Gifts
  • Gifts For The Baker/Dog Lover
  • Gifts For The Green/Eco-Friendly Baker
  • For The Baker Who Has Everything!

Baking Basics For The Beginner Baker

If you’re loved one is new to baking and just getting started I’ve rounded up some of my favorite tools and gift ideas for the beginner baker in your life. If they are new to baking, then I would focus on getting them some of the essentials:

  • Kitchen-Aid Mixer – Ok this is kind of a major investment. But trust me, it’s worth it. And if they are getting serious about baking then this is a gift that will last them for years. I’ve had my kitchen-aid now for almost 15 years and it’s still going strong!
  • Mixing bowls – A set of glass mixing bowls is a low cost gift idea that every baker needs. I use mine all the time. Metal mixing bowls also work well, but I would steer you away from plastic that can retain grease, residue, and warp.
  • Set of really good measuring cups and measuring spoons – I love these magnetic measuring spoons! And a set of metal measuring cups is something that will always be used. 
  • Baking Sheet – A quality, durable baking sheet is a wonderful gift for a new baker! I own way too many of these, but I use them all the time. 
  • Apron – Of course, any new baker would love a cute apron right? So many cute ones to choose from!
  • Beginner’s Baking Bible – Yes this is MY actual cookbook!! And it’s perfect for those beginner bakers. All the basic recipes with fun tips along the ways and a few photo tutorials for the techniques as well to help any beginner baker master the basics. 
  • Ultimate Baking Bootcamp – This is my online baking class that will walk your new beginner baker through basic baking techniques so they can learn to master any recipe! Use the coupon code: CHRISTMAS2020 and get 20% off!

Gifts For The Serious Baker

If your baker is a bit more advanced and has a kitchen full of the basics then one of these gift ideas might be perfect for them. 

  • Madeline Pan – This pan is used for one type of cookie – the French Madeline. But an advanced baker will love having this to try making these cute French cookies. 
  • Macaron baking set – A serious baker is going to at some point tackle macarons. It’s like a rite of passage or something. So this set is perfect for your serious baker to give it a try.
  • Kitchen scale – A baker who wants to get more serious about their baking, definitely will want a kitchen scale to measure their recipes by weight. I use mine now 100% for all my recipes! This is the scale I bought earlier this year after my first two other scales broke. I love this one!!
  • French rolling pin – This is the best rolling pin in my opinion and any serious baker will love getting this under the tree!
  • Pastry Mat – I use mine all the time to rolling out pie crust, making biscuits, cinnamon rolls and more. In fact, I’ve going to be getting myself one for Christmas this year since my first one is about 15 years old and finally has taken a beating!
  • French pastry cookbook – Any serious baker will appreciate getting a more advanced cookbook that tackles more difficult recipes!

Baking Gifts For Kids

If the baker in your life is a bit younger, then these baking gifts for kids is perfect!

  • Kid’s Apron – Any kid will love getting their own apron to wear! You can get a custom apron from Etsy, kids apron from Flirty Apron, or Amazon.
  • Kid’s baking cookbook – With easy recipes, fun tutorials and helpful tips along the way your young baker will love this book! Or this kids baking cookbook is another great option!
  • Teen baking book – Got a young baker that’s a bit older? Then this teen baking book is perfect for them!
  • Baking Gift Activity Kit – What about a fun baking gift box complete with ingredients, tools and a fun recipe to make?
  • Baking Gift Set – This set has all the kid friendly tools your young baker needs to be successful in the kitchen!
  • Kids Online Baking Class – I created this online baking class for kids this past year and there are over 10 different lessons for your kids to enjoy! Use the coupon code: CHRISTMAS2020

Cookbooks Any Baker Would Love To Receive

These are some of my favorite cookbooks and some new ones that have just been released this year! 

New Baking Cookbooks released this year:

  • Bake From Scratch – I love their website and their magazine but their cookbooks are like a big baking encyclopedia! And this is their latest, volume #4!
  • Magnolia Bakery Handbook – I own their first two books, have been to their bakery, so their latest cookbook I’m sure will not be a disappointment! In fact, I think I’m going to put it on my Christmas wish list too 🙂
  • The Good Book Of Southern Baking – Got a Southern baker in your life? Or just one that loves to bake biscuits? Then this new cookbook out this year on biscuits, cakes, and cornbread I’m sure will make them smile when they open it.
  • The Great British Baking Show: Love To Bake! – Got a baker who can’t stop watching The Great British Baking Show (like me!) then this new cookbook is perfect for them!

My Favorite Baking Cookbooks I Use All The Time:

  • Cook’s Illustrated Baking Book – This is just a big baking go to resource for me and I would recommend to any baker!
  • King Arthur Baking – I love their website, and I love this cookbook as well. It’s another book I always make sure to keep close by. 
  • The Fearless Baker – The name says it all doesn’t it? Her cookbook has the best tutorials, and information no matter what your baker wants to tackle. This is one book I know they will learn loads from.

Cake Decorating Gift Ideas

If you have a baker who loves to make beautiful cakes then here are a few fun gift ideas for them!

  • Cake decorating gift set – Why get one thing when you get this epic set of cake decorating tools? If your baker is new to cake decorating then this set will definitely get them started.  
  • Revolving cake stand – This is by far one of my favorite cake decorating tools!
  • Beautiful cake stand – Every good cake maker needs a beautiful cake stand to display their creations. And this one from Pioneer woman with a glass cover is perfect for that!
  • Cake lifter – This one of my favorite thing when making cakes! Lifting those cake layers around can be daunting but this cake lifter makes easy work of it. 
  • Piping Tips – This 8-piece starter set from Wilton is perfect to get started with cake decorating!
  • Russian Piping Tips – These tips make flower making so easy! In fact you can check out my Russian piping tips tutorial here
  • Cake decorating for beginners book – This book is perfect for the beginner cake decorator!
  • Fancy Sprinkles – Need I say more? If your baker loves to decorate cakes, then they can never have enough sprinkles! These fancy sprinkles are so much fun I can’t get enough!

Gifts For Those Who Love To Bake Sourdough

If your baker had any downtime this year then there’s a good chance they got into baking sourdough! I know I did. And when you start baking sourdough you realize there are so many new tools and equipment you need in your life. Here are a few gift ideas for your sourdough baker:

  • Large Dutch Oven – This is a MUST for beautiful, crusty loaves of bread. I use mine all the time. Or you can get them a bread cloche to bake their bread in too. 
  • Artisan Sourdough Made Simple – First of all make sure you get them this book. It’s a must to baking sourdough. It’s the first sourdough book I got and I’ve made SO many recipes from it and used it as a guide. It’s amazing. Just get it. Your baker will thank you.
  • Sourdough Starter – Maybe your baker has wanted to get into baking sourdough bread, but making their own sourdough starter has them feeling scared to start! You can actually buy them a starter. Yup you can actually buy a live sourdough starter online!
  • Banneton Basket – Yes your baker could just use a towel lined bowl, but if they are serious about their dough then these baskets are a must for making beautiful loaves of bread.  And this basket comes with a bread lame and dough scraper.
  • Linen Bread Bags – All that bread baking they are going to need some good linen bread bags for storage.
  • Sourdough Starter Jar – Every sourdough baker needs a good jar for their sourdough starter. I like ones that are glass and half a flip top hinged lid. 
  • Sourdough T-Shirt – If they are big time sourdough nerds, they are going to definitely appreciate one of these t-shirts!

Gifts For The Baker/Dog Lover

Ok if your baker also loves dogs then these gifts are for them! Also, your baker friend is awesome. Love of baking and dogs? We should be friends. 

Gifts For The Green/Eco-Friendly Baker In Your Life

I’ve been trying to make my kitchen more sustainable and eco-friendly lately so if your baker is like me then they will love one of these eco-friendly products to spruce up their kitchen!

  • Paperless Towels – Any baker knows when the fun part is over, there is always so much cleaning to do! And we can go through a lot of paper towels if we aren’t careful. So your green baker will love these paperless towels to clean up with instead!
  • Natural Kitchen Sponges – With all that baking comes a lot of dishes to wash! So these natural eco sponges are perfect to scrub them with. 
  • Cute Grocery Store Bag – Every baker needs to make many trips to the grocery store to get the best ingredients possible and your green baker friend will love toting their groceries around in one of these bags. 
  • Cotton Bowl Covers – Every baker is going to need some gorgeous bowl covers to cover up their bowls of bread dough and cookie batter and these are just perfect. 
  • Gorgeous Kitchen Towels – These are made from upcycled cotton and denim! Love these so much, I bought some for myself. Merry Christmas to me. 

For The Baker Who Has Everything!!

Ok if your special someone you are shopping for has EVERYTHING when it comes to baking (ahem, like myself) then shopping for them can be, well, daunting. Annoying. Frustrating. Mad Lib your own adjective here friend. You get it. So I scoured high and low to come up with some unique baking gifts that I think even the most avid baker will be surprised by!

  • Baking Socks – Who couldn’t use another pair of socks in their life?! And adorned with cute baking tools and ingredients, how could they not love these?!
  • Super Cute Baking Spatulas – First of all, they are cute. Second of all, even if your baker has them no baker is going to say no to extra spatulas!
  • Cute Baking Necklace – This charm necklace is a fun way for your baker to show off their passion!
  • Funny Oven Mitt – This is something that my friends and family would get me. And I would love it. Hey, Mom you listening?
  • Cute and funny kitchen towel – Trust the baker in your life will totally relate to this towel. 
  • Baking Shirt – I’m determined to own ALL of these eventually. 

Alright friends, I hope I made your shopping list a little smaller and easier to manage with this ultimate baker’s gift guide! 


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