How To Freeze Bread (+ FREE printable)

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Is there anything better than fresh baked bread? I don’t think so. But there is nothing more time-consuming either so I’ll show you how you can freeze bread (baked or unbaked!) to have it on hand whenever you want!

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I love bread. In all forms. And homemade bread? Even better. But making homemade bread can be a bit time consuming! And hands on. And well a pain. 

So how do you always have bread on hand? Use. Yo. Freezer. Fool! 

Freezing bread is a game changer. But if you are new to freezing bread dough, and baked loaves don’t fret. I got you. 

So let me break this down for you….

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How Long Can You Keep Homemade Bread In The Freezer?

I keep homemade bread, that is baked, in my freezer for up to 3 months. 

Why Freezing Bread Is A Game Changer?

1. Freezer baking saves you a TON of time.

2. You can get ahead of your holiday baking to do list.

3. You can always have a dessert on hand for those last minute occasions that call for it.

4.  It can actually improve your dessert. For desserts like pies, or breakfast treats such as scones- it solidifies the butter making a more tender crust. For cookies, it can help improve their taste and texture. For cakes, it’s makes it much easier to frost and decorate it. 

How To Freeze Unbaked Bread Dough

If you have the energy and time to make the dough but not the time to get all the way through to the baking then you can freeze the unbaked bread dough. As you can see here in these 1-hour cinnamon rolls, once they are  shaped in the pan you can let them rise and then freeze them. pan of unbaked cinnamon rolls and a pan of baked cinnamon rolls

1.  Prepare bread dough up to the first rise.

2. After first rise, shape dough into rolls or loaves. (it’s best to use a disposable aluminum pan to freeze)

3. Cover with several layers of plastic wrap and freeze the rolls. 

4. When ready to serve, loosen the plastic wrap, and allow to thaw in the fridge overnight or at room temperature for 2 hours. Thaw until you can indent a finger into the dough and it stays. Bake as directed.

You can freeze bread dough for up to 2 months.

 How To Freeze Par-Baked Bread Dough

You can actually partially bake your dough and freeze to cut down even faster on the time it takes!

1. Prepare bread recipe as directed.

2. Bake for half the time directed. Do not allow to brown.

3. Allow to cool completely, then place in a sealable plastic bag and freeze. Label with remaining time to bake and temperature on the bag.

4. When ready to bake, allow to thaw overnight in the fridge or at room temperature for 30-45 minutes. Bake for remaining time.

You can freeze for up to 1 month.

How To Freeze Baked Bread

Of course all that effort to make homemade bread you will want to freeze any leftovers. Don’t throw it away!!

loaf of homemade bread sliced

1.  Bake bread as directed.

2. Allow to cool completely. Freeze rolls in plastic sealable bag. For whole loaves, wrap in 2-3 layers of plastic wrap then tin-foil or place in a plastic bag.

3.  Label with name and date.

4. When ready to serve, allow to thaw at room temperature.

5.  Refresh in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 5-10 minutes.

You can freeze for up to 3 months. 

How To Freeze Other Baked Goods

Of course you may also want to freeze other baked goods as well. From muffins, to biscuits, cakes – and so on. 

Here are my general tips for freezing any baked goods:

1. For best results, do NOT bake your dessert first. My exception to this is cheesecakes, cakes and cupcakes. 

2. Freeze it uncovered first until it’s completely frozen.

3.  After it’s frozen, be sure to cover it well. This could mean several layers of plastic wrap, tinfoil, and/or a sealable plastic bag. But you want to always be thinking of providing several layers of protection against freezer burn. My go-t0 supply for freezing baked goods is using Press-N-Seal

4. Label your dessert with what it is, date of when it was frozen and baking instructions.

5.  When ready to bake, unwrap and bake as the recipe directed. For some desserts you may need to thaw first.  Add more time than the recipe directed (generally 5 more minutes baking time). Because it’s frozen it will take a little longer to bake.

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Homemade Bread Recipes To Try

Ok now that you have the skinny on freezing bread, let’s bake some! Here are some bread recipes to try out at home. My favorite is the homemade bread recipe. It makes two loaves. So perfect for baking one and freezing one!

You can check out my Ultimate Guide On Baking Homemade Bread At Home on more tips, tricks, techniques on making homemade bread at home. Seriously you will be a pro after reading this post. 

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