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Let’s Skip The Mix. And Make It From Scratch.

You know homemade is better but you don’t think you have the skills to bake up a dessert from scratch.

You dream of not having to rely on a boxed cake mix for your family’s birthday parties. 

You dream of baking up your own homemade breads, Thanksgiving pies, and holiday cookies, made with real ingredients that you can feel good about serving your family. 

You know those mixes, pre-made pie crusts, and loaves of bread are full of junk, but baking them yourself seems too daunting and will never come out the same. 

You think making it yourself, means a dirty kitchen, a sink of full of dishes, and lackluster results. So you grab those pre-made desserts instead.

I believe a making a homemade dessert is better than store-bought, and possible for you. 

Wholesome desserts to me making it from scratch. It’s not about cutting the calories, but cutting out the junk. Making something from scratch and knowing what’s in it. 

Making it homemade means not using a boxed cake mix with a seriously long list of weird stuff in it. Fluffy? Sure. Easy? Sure. But what are you eating in the end? Junk. Total junk. Making it from scratch means you get to make it with real ingredients, not a laundry list of weird preservatives, food dyes, and who knows what else. 

And it starts with good ingredients. Whether that means organic, whole grain, sourdough, or simply just real ingredients you can pronounce! 

You know homemade is better, but you don’t have the confidence to try. I want to  to show you that it’s delicious, homemade desserts are possible for you (and of course, more fun!)

Here at Boston Girl Bakes I love teaching you how to turn basic ingredients into something amazing. I love showcasing all natural ingredients (organic when possible), teaching you how to work with whole grains, and how to bake up the most delicious sourdough bread you ever tasted.

Let me show you how to take simple, good ingredients and turn them into a dessert you can not only be proud to serve your family but also feel good about doing so.  Yes homemade is in your future!

What Others Are Saying…

“I’ve already used multiple tips you provided and found how much it makes a significant difference in my baked goods! It is so nice to know the why behind what makes a recipe great. The details you give make the difference between being just a recipe-follower to an extraordinary baker! Thank you, Heather!”

“Chocolate chip cookies turned out awesome!  Thank you! They are the best I’ve ever made.”

“I made this for my co-workers and they all thought it was delicious, definitely making this again!”

Imagine This…

Imagine never buying a loaf of sandwich bread from the store again.

Imagine skipping past the mixes in the grocery store because you know you can make a homemade version that is 1000 times better. 

Imagine serving your family a dessert you can feel good about.

Now imagine being part of a community that shares that passion for baking from scratch as much as you do.

When you become a member of the Boston Girl Bakes Community you join a community of 3,250 people who love to bake and learn about baking as much as you do. You will not only find inspiration but also the confidence to take your baking to the next level.  Join my FREE 5-day email series to learn how to ditch those boxed cake mixes and start baking from scratch!


Here is my story…

Even though I reside just outside of Boston now, I actually grew up on a farm in rural, upstate New York. Every summer meant planting and growing our own vegetables.  Nothing made me happier than digging up potatoes with my grandfather. The meat in our freezer was from the animals we raised ourselves. I was enjoying grass fed beef before it came hip. But baking from scratch wasn’t exactly a thing in our household. Childhood birthday parties were fondly celebrated with a boxed cake mix and that tub of way too sweet, chemical-laden frosting. It’s safe to say I was not born with a baking gene!

When I went off to college my homemade, wholesome dinners that I grew up on took a nosedive. I resorted to eating like all college kids do – instant mac and cheese. Ramen noodles. Lean cuisines. And too many Diet Cokes I’d like to forget. This would continue when I moved to Boston. With my first “real job” as a teacher, a commute in city traffic meant making time to cook a real meal was not going to happen. But I thought, I don’t smoke and I work out almost every day. I am the vision of health, right? Wrong.

But then something shifted in me. I enrolled in a culinary class to learn how to bake and  I became obsessed.  I found myself in the kitchen baking up all sorts of delicious treats from scratch.  There was something about working with my hands and turning these ingredients into something real that I couldn’t get enough of. 

And as I got older I began to take the love for baking from scratch and started making real food for dinner as well. I took baby steps towards real food and  I began to ditch my Lean cuisines. I started exploring organic produce. Skipping the Splenda and using real sugar in my coffee. I found myself craving the lifestyle I grew up with and took for granted. 

My love for using real ingredients, and stepping away from all those preservatives and chemicals started to show up in my baking as well. I started experimenting with using whole grain flours and started making my own sourdough bread. I began searching out all natural and organic ingredients that I could use in my desserts. I was obsessed with serving the best possible desserts to my friends and family. 

And now I want to bring that passion to you. It took years for me to get back to my country roots, but it doesn’t have to take that long for you! Baking homemade desserts using real ingredients is my passion. And it’s become my mission to show you that you can too skip past those boxed mixes full of artificial crap and make it yourself too. 

So are you ready? Let’s make it homemade!

If you are new to baking from scratch…

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So together we can improve your baking skills in the kitchen, so you can confidently skip past those mixes in the store. Let’s choose a homemade dessert over those store-bought cookies and cakes. 

You can do this! And I want to help you get there. If you have any questions or want to celebrate your new success in the kitchen I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at or reach out to me on Instagram or Facebook. I can’t wait to get to know you!